Hi, I'm Larry!

Over the past forty three years I have studied taiji, qigong, kick boxing, taekwondo, karatejutsu, kobujutsu, boxing, kick boxing and weapons training I have lived and trained in South Africa, America, Japan, Holland, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

I have also provided security in San Francisco, South Africa, Japan and Australia both in a private and business capacity for private and corporate clubs and music event organisers.


This training has lead me to a natural self confidence, a heightened state of awareness, deeper concentration, more self confidence and an understanding of the different methods of movement leading to an understanding of meditation and self defence where no other option is available.

These casual or ongoing private Sydney Self Defence classes, programmes or courses and group self defense training courses offer everyone the opportunity of being in command of both self and environment, with the express aim of minimising the possibility of unwarranted acts of aggression. It is a fact that confident people are far less likely to be attacked than those who lack confidence.

  • Hi Larry,They loved the class this morning! Many staff members said – could we start like that every day???!!! Wouldn’t that be great! Thank you Larry


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  • Hi Larry, The girls have all really benefited from the course with you and the feedback from all the parents has been really good. Collectively, we all think a refresher course in the holidays would be great. I'll leave that to the girls to sort out a day which suits them all! Your patience in trying to get this initially all sorted was greatly appreciated and I'm sure we'll see you again. Kind Regards

    Shelley Rose

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There are interesting methods designed to create a meditative and quiet approach to 'mind' and a control of one's emotions.

A state of 'no mind' or emptiness which allows deep internal processes to occur. Inner listening is a vital aspect to this method of training.

To experience stillness during activity is a heightened state of awareness which trains us to be still even in the most extreme situations.

Self Defence

Self Defence Sydney provides private or group self defence training, programs and classes in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, tailored to each clients unique specifications.

In self defence no 'style' is taught but rather the 'tools of impact' needed to ward off even the biggest aggressor.