Self Defence in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs

After 40 years of training in different styles from JKA karate as a teenager, to taiji and shaolin qigong, white crane and Japanese and Chinese weapons systems in recent years, the path and way of martial arts has protected and nourished me in times of hardship and kept me healthy with few illnesses over these many years.

My personal experience of running Karaoke clubs in Japan and providing security to Japanese Companies within the industry as well as security for concerts and club events, both for my own company and others has honed my skills in awareness, focus and polite non-aggressive crowd and security control. I have provided security in San Fransisco, South Africa, Japan and Australia both for private and corporate clubs and music event organizers. Classes of around an hour’s duration can be arranged in blocks of between two and eight sessions, once or twice a week to suit. Courses comprise techniques for awareness and breathing, in punching, kicking and blocking, and stances and strikes all of which can be learnt easily and practised in short ‘morning memory’ exercises which take literally a minute or two.


In 2003 I began teaching children at Crown Street Public School, Matraville Soldiers Settlement Public School, Botany Bay Public School and more recently teaching Self Defence Classes at Bethany College, Kambala, Sceggs, Ascham, Queenwood, Rose Bay Secondary College, Kincoppal and for individuals and companies interested in personal training instruction as well as for other private groups.

I borrow from the systems I have previously studied and work diligently on those aspects which suit my abilities, and it is for students to experience the personal benefits of this training and draw their own conclusions.

These short self-defence courses will equip everyone with the skills and mindset to develop a confident approach in daily public life

Self Defence Sydney - Class Content
Self-protection means to defend one’s own self and is therefore a ‘vital’ skill. The ability to protect your own self depends on a positive state of mind as well as the willingness to engage in these ‘vital’ protection self defense techniques.



  • Public group classes are held in Centennial Park Sydney every Saturday morning at 8.30am and in Rushcutters Bay on Monday mornings at 7.00am. Click here to buy a class.




Fitted to your time and place
The self defence, taiji and qigong courses and classes in Sydney are

open to the public Saturday and Sunday mornings, private classes Monday to Friday
Public and private schools self defence

self defence programs in the eastern suburbs to co-incide with school terms "Keep Safe"
Corporate groups self defence

One-day seminars, lunch-time sessions, or convenient times and places by arrangement.
Preventive measures to avoid being knocked out in one punch

Gather a few friends and have fun together and learn a few 'vital skills'.
Training with like-minded friends is an enjoyable and safe way to learn basic self defence skills
Self defence meditation exercises

Learn breathing, visualisation relaxation techniques to make life and work commitments less stressful.

Choose self-defence classes, or programs tailored to requirements and held in your home/office or a park in eastern Sydney.

Sydney Self-Defence offers instruction in classes, courses or programs for individuals or groups wishing to learn the basics of self-defence to ward off aggressors of any size. Self-defence classes and courses range from short four-week to twelve-week comprehensive training programs.

Enrol yourself or your children in a self-defence course covering the social dangers of alcohol and 'no-go’ zones – preventative behavioural measures – prior to knowledge and practice of self defence skills in 'fight or flight' situations.

For bullying and sexual assault prevention or discovering and using the instinctive tools of impact at your disposal, these self-defence classes or workshops in Sydney offer everyone valuable skills for everyday life.

Self-defence Sydney classes include learning to kick, box, stance, strike, grapple, trap, ward off and other techniques that will determine the outcome of any confrontation. We do not teach fighting or how to fight but rather the awareness and skills essential to avoiding dangerous situations and the techniques to escape their escalation. Breathing and stretching exercises are also included to warm, flex and tone the body.

Women’s and men’s self-defence training classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced students to develop focus, skills and awareness by participation in interactive two-person drills, boxing and kicking routines, and other easily graspable methods.

Self-defence, street awareness and protective skills are taught using our unique EETG system of response.

Personal and/or private group instruction may be available - on enquiry
Self-defence training is offered to individuals and private or corporate-based groups in one-on-one instruction.

Self-defence training programs are arranged to suit participants’ schedules and are offered in Centennial Park, Sydney, or a location of your choice.

Ideal for women and men, these self-defence training programs are tailored to the individual’s or group's requirements and encompass the skills required to ward off even the biggest aggressor.

No previous experience is required, and classes will also suit those trained in other styles of self-defence.

We do not teach any' style' of martial arts but rather develop the tools of awareness and impact already at your disposal. These self-defence methods have been refined over many years of studying many systems of both Chinese and Japanese martial arts.

From the systems of karate, kick-boxing, qigong, taiji, Kung Fu, Aikijutsu, kobu-jutsu, and karatedo, different aspects have been incorporated into concise and easy-to-take-home routines. These self-defence training classes emphasise and develop each participant’s awareness and confidence to lead to a more balanced and mindful approach when dealing with aggressive and dangerous behaviour.

It is a fact that confident people are less likely to be attacked!

Personal and/or private group instruction may be available - on enquiry

White Crane is based on the late Fujian Daoist Sage Master Xie Zhongxian,
teacher of the late Master Huang Sheng-Shyan in his Daoist medical,
spiritual and martial arts system of white crane which includes drinking crane, feeding crane and breathing crane and these systems’ associated exercises.

1 is breathing crane
2 is drinking crane
3 is flying crane
4 is eating crane - sanfeng quaiquan (quickfist dedicated to Chang sanfeng, founder of taiji)
5 is secret crane

These forms were taught alongside the taiji curriculum.
If taiji is analogous to the 'drawing of the bow', 'releasing of the arrow' is the power of white crane.

White crane classes in Centennial Park Sydney embrace beginners and intermediate students and form part of the taiji syllabus. Individual attention to white crane forms, applications and techniques is by enquiry, as are individual and group instruction in taiji.

Public tai-chi and qigong classes are held every Saturday morning in
Centennial Park (view map) Sydney at 8.30am or
Rushcutters Bay Park every Monday morning at 7.00am to 8.00am.


Hi Larry,

Thanks for your email. The girls have all really benefited from the course with you and the feedback from all the parents has been really good. Collectively, we all think a refresher course in the holidays would be great.

I'll leave that to the girls to sort out a day which suits them all! Your patience in trying to get this initially all sorted was greatly appreciated and I'm sure we'll see you again.

Kind Regards,

Shelley Rose!

Ascham School

Hi Larry,

They loved the Tai Chi this morning!

Many staff members said – could we start like that every day???!!!

Wouldn’t that be great!

Thank you Larry,


Currambena School

It is possible for me to report that the feedback from teachers was very positive.

They were impressed by your ability to hold the attention of so many children at once and adapt the movements to suit the varied age groups. We all agreed it was quite an ask, managing the age spread of 4/5 years within each group for such a long time... 45 minutes could have been too much for such an activity but you held their focus with great skill and all the children participated at a level appropriate to their skills and developmental stage.

The children also enjoyed the sessions though many were astonished that they found themselves so tired after it. I wondered if this was due to the fact of stopping and noticing the end-of-term tiredness.

So, it was a great success, thank you very much.

As I said, I'll gather photos and send you what I can once the holidays are over.

Thank you again,


Inner listening is a vital aspect to the training. There are interesting methods designed to create a meditative and quiet approach to 'mind' and a control of one's emotions - A state of 'no mind' or emptiness which allows deep internal processes to occur. Inner listening is a vital aspect to this method of training.

While in "theory" practicing martial arts of whatever 'style' is meant to:

- path the way to a heightened state of awareness - produce a calm approach to life, a philosophical and spiritual introspection - a reduction of ego related distractions - a way free of body/mind earthly appetites

This is not always the case and many side affects may occur if incorrectly instructed- distress, (unbalanced emotions, ego, feeling of misguided power may result). Nothing is guaranteed without patience, persistence and constant practice of meditation, a pure heart and struggle with ego related distractions.

A state of remembering is important - what the sufis refer to as Zikr.

The effect of lifetime training especially where guided by an experienced teacher can open the doors of perception to an inner reality.

Listening to subtle body, muscle, pressure, joint and pain sensations, the student is guided constantly within to a point where mind stops and oneness with existence is deeply experienced.